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Unleash Your Company’s Potential with DigitalChalk’s Customer Training LMS

Optimise revenue growth and reduce churn by educating your customers with the best Learning Management System for customer training.

Elevate Your Customer Training with DigitalChalk’s eLearning Platform

Our eLearning platform empowers you to design and deliver top-notch online training modules for your customer training program. With detailed analytics, you’ll have clear insights into the success of your program for each customer, enabling you to improve and optimise your customer training strategy.

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Why Invest in a Customer Training Program?

Here are a few compelling reasons to consider implementing a customer training LMS for your business.

Customer Training LMS Satisfaction Boost

Boost Satisfaction & Revenue

An effective customer training program can greatly enhance customer experience and satisfaction, leading to increased retention and referral business.

Learning Management System for Customer Training Reduces Churn

Reduce Churn

Lack of understanding of your product can lead to dissatisfaction and ultimately, customers leaving. A well-designed customer training program can prevent this by educating customers on how to effectively use your product.

Customer Training LMS Support

Improve Product Support

Customers who are well-educated on your product require less support, freeing up your support team to focus on other areas, thus improving overall efficiency.

What Sets DigitalChalk’s LMS Above The Rest?

Simple Course Creation Tools

Use interactive videos, assignments, an advanced assessment creator, and more to quickly create engaging online courses.

Customer Training LMS Customisation

Personalised Look and Feel

Make your brand stand out by creating a branded look and feel on the platform, even for your customers.

Online Staff Training Platform Dedicated Support

Safe & Secure

At DigitalChalk, the safety and security of your and your customer’s sensitive information is our top priority. When using DigitalChalk’s learning management software, we guarantee that your and your customer’s data is safe at all times.

Measure and Motivate.

Tailor the Training Experience

Administrators can easily design personalised learning and development plans for your customer training program with our streamlined course management.

Reward and Motivate Customers

Encourage customers to complete training and return for more with custom badges, points, leaderboards, and certificates, and reward their success in your customer training program.

Easily Measure Results of Training and Development

Incorporate secure online tests, assignments, and more into your customer training program. Use our reports, or export your training data to create your own training reports.

Train Your Customers with the Customer Training LMS by DigitalChalk. Your
Partner for Life.

Just because you buy or launch, doesn’t mean we’re leaving.

Scales with Your Business

With unlimited storage and bandwidth and a rich array of features and integrations, DigitalChalk can accommodate the unique needs of your business.

Integrations at Your Fingertips

DigitalChalk integrates with Salesforce, LinkedIn Learning, Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting, Zapier, and more. Use our REST API and SSO options for additional integrations.

Manage and Schedule Online Training

Assign resources and schedule events quickly and easily, eliminate scheduling conflicts with a public calendar, and automatically schedule students into courses.

Secure On-the-Go Online Training

The DigitalChalk LMS provides reliable and secure cloud-based access to your learners. At the course level, you can offer public and private course catalog options.

Onboarding and Beyond—You’re Not Alone

From onboarding to launch and beyond, our world-class LMS support team is with you every step of the way. Speak to a real person, or take advantage of email or chat—all at no cost to you!


What is a Customer Training LMS?

A customer training LMS is a customer training system specifically designed to facilitate the training and education of a company’s customers. In the case of DigitalChalk, our LMS is used to host and deliver product knowledge, support materials, tutorials, and other educational content that will help your customers better understand and use the product or the service that they’ve bought from you.

Can Any Company Benefit From Using a Customer Training LMS?

Absolutely. Regardless of the type of product or service you’re selling, creating a comprehensive customer training program around your product or service can be highly beneficial.

Only then can you ensure that every single one of your customers gets the right training and has the best possible chance of making the most out of their purchase.

How an LMS Can Help in Customer Training?

There are several different ways an LMS can help with training your customers. Some examples include:

  • Onboarding: A customer LMS can be used to create and distribute courses, resources, and other training materials that will introduce your new customers to the features and functionalities of your product/service. That way, they can quickly familiarise themselves with the basics and get started.
  • Product Knowledge: LMS platforms have the capacity to host product or service documentation, which your customers can access on-demand. That way, you’ll significantly reduce the number of product knowledge-related enquiries that customers will make to your customer service team.
  • Self-Service Support: By providing your customers with access to readily-available resources about your product or service, they’ll be incentivised to find the answers to their questions on their own. This will also reduce the number of enquiries your customers make related to your product or service.
  • Consistent Training: If you serve thousands of customers, providing consistent training live (even if it’s over the internet) can be difficult. However, when using an LMS, you can create all customer training courses that you want your customers to see, and allow on-demand access to them. That way, no matter whether your customer wants to access these resources at 2 AM on a Monday morning or at 4 PM on a Sunday afternoon, they will all receive consistent training and get access to the same information every time.

What is an LMS for Customer Success?

Customer success tends to involve a set number of strategies and processes that a company can deploy to ensure that its customers achieve the desired result when using their product or service. And LMS solutions for customer training are typically at the core of that.

The reason for that is because an LMS (such as DigitalChalk) allows companies to create and distribute product or service-specific training materials, which can be accessed by customers on-demand.

How Can I Use an LMS for Customer Training?

The approach each business takes for their customer training when using an LMS can vary. However, it generally involves a four step process, including:

  • Content creation: The first step to using an LMS for customer training is to develop engaging and informative content around your product or service. This can be tutorials, product documentation, and more.
  • Customisation: Using an LMS such as DigitalChalk, you can customise the training content based on the exact type of customer you’re targeting. For instance, you can tailor your training content to customers with different levels of expertise to provide the most relevant information for them.
  • Feedback: Once your customer training program is live, you can incorporate certain mechanisms to receive feedback and gather insights regarding the effectiveness of your training materials. You can then use the data you receive to identify areas for improvement, which will help you create the best and successful customer training program possible.
  • Reporting & analytics: Using DigitalChalk’s LMS for customer training will grant you access to a number of analytics tools, which you can use to track learner progress, engagement, and completion rates. That way, you can accurately measure the impact your training has on your customers.

Why Do Companies Need a Customer Training LMS?

If you’re selling a product or a service that requires users to go through a steep learning curve or you simply want to help your customers make the most out of their purchase, using a customer training LMS can be a great idea.

Whatever the case might be, companies that develop training programs and distribute them through an LMS tend to not only increase their customer satisfaction and customer retention rates, but their support team also receives significantly less enquiries.

As a result of that, your customer service team can focus on resolving client-specific queries rather than answering the same questions time and time again.

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